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About the give back program

About Fitzroy Learning Network

Fitzroy Learning Network (FLN) is a not-for-profit organisation, an affiliated Community Neighbourhood House and Learn Local Centre and a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). For decades FLN has been a place of refuge for the poor and disadvantaged.

Today it is where refugees, asylum seekers and those living on the public housing estates of inner Melbourne find support, encouragement and a place where they can learn and connect. For both young and old, Fitzroy Learning Network provides a welcome, safety, dignity and hope.

They offer learning opportunities for those who need and want to acquire new skills, exercise their creativity and support their social connection and participation. They offer nationally accredited English language and literacy courses, computer classes and access to new technologies as well as informal learning opportunities for all ages.

Overall, FLN strives to build bridges within our community to reduce the level of segregation and disharmony and to create and foster social cohesion.


About Fitzroy Learning Network
About Fitzroy Learning Network

Where will the proceeds go?

FLN provides training and support services for the newly arrived refugees and migrants; youth programs that support and invest in the young people of the area; and arts and other programs that encourage social connection and integration.

Adult Education Programs

These include services and programs that range from pre-accredited skill development to nationally accredited and recognised certificated courses. They specialise in beginning and elementary level English as an additional language.

Refugee Support Program

FLN provide referral and support services to refugees and other newly arrived community members so that those facing barriers to successful settlement and social inclusion are supported in their efforts to establish themselves and are able to utilise their skills and strengths to meet their own needs and achieve their aspirations.

Youth Programs

Their youth programs provide a creative, safe learning environment for young people from 10 years of age and upwards. They focus on supporting those from disadvantaged backgrounds, striving to build their skills and confidence by enabling an exploration of their own ideas and creativity though use of music and the arts and new technological tools.

Community Building activities

FLN strive to create opportunities for people to meet others, learn together, to form friendships and to nurture a strong and inclusive community. To achieve this they provide a program of activities designed to develop and support the creative talents of our diverse community. Activities include, Sewing Classes, photography courses, Jewellery making, video-making and Djíng for young people.